ABCs of the Bible

This year the theme for our second grade chapel was ABC’s in the Bible. As a whole group, the students brainstormed ideas for each letter of the alphabet. I wasn’t expecting all the excitement that followed.
Coming up with ideas was fairly easy for them, often listing several words for each letter. Each student was then assigned a letter so they could write three sentences of their own to become speaking parts for chapel. This was a little more challenging. Who exactly was Naham? What happened in Egypt? Was it Esau who tricked his brother, or was it his brother who tricked Esau? It was easy to list the words, but not so easy to write about them.
I wanted the students to write their own parts, not the other way around so I encouraged them to find resources to help them find the answers. Some pulled out their Bible Study workbooks. Others went directly to their Bibles. As students paged through their Bibles they were excited to find pictures and passages connecting to stories we learned throughout the year. They pointed out words and scripture that connected to a classmate’s word. The excitement grew as they shared with one another what they were finding. What I thought would be a simple task, was something much greater. God was at work deepening the faith of seven and eight year olds.
Mrs. Wendy Borcherding, Teacher

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