Before and After School


   At Before & After school care we provide direction, trust, friendship, team work, and kind and understanding hearts. We look forward to each morning and afternoon with your children, with their funny stories, their fun and witty personalities, and their happy demeanor.
   One of the most important things for us in child care is building trust, keeping the children safe and happy, and building a strong relationships with one another and with Jesus. 
   During the school day, while the older children are in school, preschools will receive structured care from members of our Preschool team (in Ark 3 or 4) when they are not in their Preschool classroom (Ark 1 or 2).
   We look forward to welcoming and serving your family, and building those strong Christ centered relationships with you and your child!
Messiah Child Care is a licensed, non-profit child care for children ages 3 to 13 years. Messiah Child Care is located in the school gym. Messiah’s before and after school, along with all day child care is staffed by child care staff who have gone through rigorous background checks and training.

Hours of Operation:

7:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Contact Info:

Childcare Cell Phone:


Messiah Office: 402.489.3024


Downloads For You:

In order to comply with childcare licensing, we are required to keep a copy of each of these four forms on file with Messiah Childcare.


As children arrive in the morning they can choose from the centers cart, balls, games, coloring, and much more. At 7:30 am all children clean up and play a group game. At 8:00 am, children have devotion and morning prayer. Following prayer and devotion, they visit with friends until dismissal to classrooms at 8:15 AM.
After school, children gather for small group devotions including discussion and an activity led by a member of the child care staff. After devotions, snack is served each day with juice and water. There is a snack fee of $10.00/month for families who use child care 7 or more times in a month. After snack, the children either go outside on the playground, or stay inside to play a group game depending on the weather. Then we break into centers for different activities, including Homework Club.

Before & After School Child Care Rate:

$5.50 per hour



Designed to fill the school day gap when your child is not in their preschool classroom. Contact Kathy to find the perfect solution for your family’s unique needs.

Package A

5 Mornings

Package B

3 Half Days + 2 Full Days

Package C

2 Half Days + 3 Full Days


Except for national “bank” holidays, Messiah Childcare is generally open for you.
Messiah Childcare does close for winter weather when the school closes.