Family Puzzle

A new school year is about to begin. New faces and classrooms… reconnecting with old friend and making new ones.  The following story was shared by Mrs. Shannon Meyer, one of our First Grade teachers at Messiah Lutheran School, at the end of last school year. During the nervous anticipation of a new year, it is good to look ahead at what is to come.
Each year I know that God places children in my care for a particular reason. This school year in particular, I could see how each child and their family were put into my life… and each other’s lives… for a reason. It was like we were the puzzle pieces and we needed to put together at this particular time to make God’s long range plan come together.
Just like adults, each child comes into the classroom with their unique life experiences. Even though these experiences are unique they complement each other so well. These students don’t simply tolerate each other to get through the day. These students genuinely care for one another. When one is sad, they are sad together. When one triumphs, they triumph together! These children aren’t just classmates and these families are not just fellow families at Messiah but everyone functions like a family. Every child, every parent interacts as if they were family members.
I love how the children lead prayer and make sure they include specific needs for each other. I love watching parents greet each other in the commons and check in on one another and hug one another. I love how they consider me as a fellow family member and make sure I’m taken care of as well.