Seeing God in the Everyday Moments

would like to share about a time Messiah moment that I experienced recently. It didn’t happen at Messiah, and it may not seem like a big deal, but God showed up — and that is a pretty big deal!
Years ago I was reading Captivating by John and Stasi Eldredge. Stasi was talking about a time she was in Hawaii and was in prayer and all of the sudden she knew God was there at that moment because of a whale that she saw and the miraculous beauty of it. I remember being in Minnesota and wanting a miraculous moment like that. The other night I was walking out of WalMart on 85th street and looked up at the sunset and was taken aback by how gorgeous it was. I realized that those are the divine moments for me. It doesn’t have to be something spectacular in Hawaii, but the simple ways we see God in our everyday. I realized I need to stop and appreciate where he put me in life – Nebraska, Messiah, my family, or even at Walmart. God is always showing us his beauty and his miracles. I realize I need to be able to share these simple God-given moments with others (including my students) when I see them as well.
Mrs. Jackie Glines, teacher

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