We Are You – The Buller family

We are YOU … We are the Buller family

We were new to Messiah Lutheran School two years ago when Xavier was in 3rd grade. We recently asked Xavier how Messiah was different from his past school? He simply said,

“The teachers love me.”

The love and caring that Xavier feels makes him want to participate and be a part of the school. Prior to Messiah, we started seeing personality changes in our strong willed child. He would come home in tears and was feeling defeated by the events in his school day. We felt that he was too young to be showing these changes and knew we needed to do something quick. We were unsure of the private school route and if we could make the commitment. After many prayers– God showed us the way. We know sending Xavier to Messiah School was the right decision every time he smiles and we see the confident young man he is becoming.

Our connection to Messiah School will continue even though Xavier is moving on to middle school after this school year. When the time came for Xavier’s younger sister to start school, we chose Messiah Preschool for her and stayed with Messiah for Kindergarten this year. Messiah has been wonderful for not only our children- but for our family.